Friday, January 24, 2014


"When Jesus heard of it, he withdrew in a boat to a deserted place by himself." - Matthew 14:13

Do you know what your prayer style is? Did you know that certain styles of prayer help you to feel closer to God at different times? For me, I feel closest to God during quiet meditation. My souls feels calm and at peace. Other times, our souls need to be connected to our brothers and sisters in Christ, and experiences of fellowship bring us unity and strengthen our faith.

Jesus was fully human and He was well aware of the necessity of different styles of prayer for His well being. Right after He learned that John the Baptist was murdered, He went off on His own because He needed that quiet prayer time with God. After a while, He went back to the multitudes following Him and He cured their sick and multiplied their loaves of bread and fish. One style of prayer can strengthen and nourish only oneself when needed but the other strengthens and nourishes the multitudes when united as the Body of Christ.

Today's Prayer:
Father, give me wisdom in my prayer life whether I am alone in meditation or with my brothers and sisters in group prayer. Always give my soul what it needs each day to continue to grow. In Jesus' Name we pray, amen.

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